Corporate Team Building Funny BizNiz

Corporate Team Building Funny BizNiz

Many of the techniques and skills that are used and developed in improv comedy are directly applicable in the business world. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Working on improvisational techniques can improve your corporate team’s communication skills.”

Funny BizNiz workshops and shows are a combination of noncompetitive team participation, comedy improvisation, and more than a dash of pre-planned mischief.

Funny BizNiz workshops are simple to organize and fully flexible. Whether you want us for a few hours, a day, or a week long offsite, all we need from you is somewhere to do it and your cast of willing team members.

Benefits associated with Funny BizNiz programs:

  • Foster confidence and spontaneity
  • Hone leadership and decision-making skills
  • Expand group harmony and communication
  • Heighten creativity and exploration
  • Encourage listening and responsiveness
  • Elevate team commitment and loyalty
  • Initiate diversity of thought

Improvisational team building has long been touted as a fun and creative way to spark enthusiasm, boost morale and teach coworkers to communicate with each other more effectively. While it is true that the games are extremely fun, there are also strong and tangible business lessons built into the mix which will ultimately enhance company productivity and increase your bottom line.

Funny BizNiz workshops will be like no other team-building event your company has had before. No flip charts, no lectures, and no sitting through endless power-point presentations.

Laughter is both a universal language and a great natural equalizer. Psychologists say that when people laugh together their defenses are lowered. In a few short hours,

Funny BizNiz will establish common ground amongst your group, boost their confidence and send them back to you as a unified force.

Funny BizNiz offers unique team-building workshops that can be tailored to meet your requirements and there are strong and tangible business lessons at the core of each game. Exercises such as “United Nations” hones leadership skills and stresses body language over the spoken word. Games such as “Props” forces players to quickly make choices that benefit the common good of the team even if that means allowing another teammate to take the lead.

If you want your staff to get to know each other better, communicate more effectively or start thinking outside the box, an afternoon with Funny BizNiz can give you all of this and more.

Corporate Team Building Funny BizNiz

“Dating Game in Oz”

“United Nations”

“The Battle”

“Satisfied Clients”

“All Star Idol”

“All Star Idol” Finale

“Animal Talk Show”

“Dance Party”

“New Year’s Party”


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