Survivor Team Building

Survivor Team Building


Survivor Team Building

Your event will be a combination of Team Survival Challenges, Treasure Hunting and Mystery Solving but most of all it will be a beneficial team bonding experience and good clean fun!!

The activities that have been designed for you are all about teamwork and group participation. Everyone has a chance to participate at their own comfort level yet opportunities to excel reveal themselves with every new challenge. Tasks are not based on strength or endurance but more on wit, skill and the ability to let loose and have fun. Memorable mayhem that will provide water cooler fodder for months to come.

To involve everyone, we group participants into teams and guide them through our easy-to-follow, low-pressure, no-fail, tasks. Since we provide scenarios that are fun and diverse, you can be assured that every event will be a huge success as your employees respond with priceless moments of memorable mayhem.

Benefits associated with Hunter Islands Events:

  • Foster confidence and spontaneity
  • Hone leadership and decision-making skills
  • Expand group harmony and communication
  • Heighten creativity and exploration
  • Encourage listening and responsiveness
  • Elevate team commitment and loyalty
  • Initiate diversity of thought

Team building that involves achieving tasks for a common purpose have long been touted as an inspirational and creative way to spark enthusiasm, boost morale and train coworkers to communicate with each other more effectively. While it is true that the events are extremely fun, there are also strong and tangible business lessons built into the mix which will ultimately enhance company productivity and increase your bottom line.

Survivor Team Building

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